What I represent: Synergy of traditional design training & technology

In an age where Universities literally pump out “designers” with little more than a few years of web and some print experience and no real artistic, typography or other real -world training I feel particularly fortunate to have enjoyed traditional art & design training in Hamburg, and to have been able to apply this knowledge successfully across a wide design field. Having been trained in design at what is now considered the dawn of computer desktop publishing, I have learned to use computers as a tool to translate my designs into reality, rather than the origin of my ideas. Computers don’t create designs, people do!

But obviously we are beyond the days where you would simply hand a design sketch to a reproduction house and tell them to turn this into your product, it is essential for a good designer to know his/her tools. So similarly to driving a car through a busy downtown to get somewhere, working with computers and all desktop publishing tools that are available today does have to become second nature in order to produce distinguished products.

I can offer you a list of impressive previous government and corporate clients, but also an enormous list of small treasured clients, I have worked for during the last 20 years. Having worked across small and large corporations, government and non-governmental, in Germany, France and Australia, has provided me with an incredible width of design experience in print, web, multimedia, photography and film production.

While I specialise in print and web design, I have also worked in multimedia & film projects and professional photography. Owing to two decades of industry experience (see CV), there is literally no print product that I have not already designed (logos, brochures, flyers, posters, business cards, letterheads, large banners, flags, billboards, airport displays, CD covers, video covers, caps, T-shirts, pens; see graphic design and corporate identity portfolios).

My extensive web design experience for government and corporate clients has been predominantly shaped by steering the development of BoaB CMS content management system software, which is still used by many of Australia’s leading natural resources management & research agencies.

While I confess to being a design geek, my work in collaboration with my colleagues at BoaB interactive also received recognition that I believe might be interesting to web/ programming geeks: During my tenure as director of BoaB interactive, the company has been invited to join the world wide web elite standard body (W3C) as the only commercial body in Australia.