Corporate Identity

Corporate Identity Development for Cairns Marine, the world’s largest sustainable marine aquarium specimen supplier

The main challenge of this project was to develop a new corporate identity that was powerful, coherent and also flexible enough to be adapted to a wide range of products. It needed to work for both a domestic and world-wide audience ranging from Government Agencies, to retailers, wholesalers and aquarium owners. In collaboration with the client and science communicator Russell Kelley, I have developed a Corporate Identity that is made up of a set of flexible building blocks that can be used appropriately for the large variety of products and target audiences:

  • A prominent monochromatic colour scheme creates recognition.
  • A set of colour swatches can be used and adapted for high colour impact when needed.
  • The use of supersized close-ups of marine animals creates great visual impact when smiling at an audience from billboards and displays.
  • A cartoon style character symbolising Cairns Marine’s commitment to sustainable harvesting was commissioned to be designed by well-known marine illustrator Gavin Ryan and serves as a playful mark with high recognition value of quality on stickers, merchandising and in publications.

Based on the developed corporate identity I have created in excess of 45 promotional products: Billboards, posters, tradeshow displays, signage for vessels and vehicles, brochures, flyers, presentation folders, stationary, business cards, PowerPoint templates, Word templates for news publications, interactive Excel templates for stock lists, t-shirts, pens, bags, cups, penlights etc).