Specialised Print Productions

We have a trackrecord of designing and producing extraordinary print products for over 20 years. From specialised containers for the transport of large marine animals like sharks or rays to the design and production of fortnightly media magazines with 200+ pages and a circulation of over 2mio, to the design of custom underwater products – there is not project to complex. Where others might just simply say “too hard” I am actually starting to get excited about the challenges at hand.

Here is the example of the world’s first world’s first underwater coral identification guide:

The  Indo Pacific Coral Finder:

Indo Pacific Coral Finder

The Coral Finder is a proven, practical, underwater coral identification tool that allows anyone to identify hard corals to genus, regardless of growth form, anywhere in the Indian and Pacific Oceans. Anyone who has tried knows how challenging coral identification can be because of the sheer number of species and variation in form with environment shown by corals. The Coral Finder solves this problem with a unique visual approach to coral identification that lets the user find the name of the coral they are looking at in less than a minute. The Coral Finder was designed to provide a friendly, practical way to teach yourself coral identification – it gives instant results and rewards for the motivated learner. By only presenting relevant options in a simple visual choice matrix the user is freed from the limitations of text based learning allowing the eye and brain to make powerful visual decisions. The Coral Finder is ideal for monitoring, surveys, students, scientists, dive masters, underwater naturalists, aquarists and CITES / coral industry professionals.

The Coral Finder is made from a robust waterproof plastic and was designed and tested (over two years) to cope with the rough and tumble of diving, requiring no more than a wash and dry along with your dive gear at the end of the trip.